Fashion menjadi pilihan bisnis yang dijalankan dan ditekuninya

Dewi Nurshanti – IWPC 21 Surabaya

I am Dewi Nurshanti, actualy I was graduated from a famous technic university in Indonesia, but I have big passion about fashion. And then I decided to take a fashion education at Susan Budihardjo Fashion School Indonesia.

In 2014, I started my workshop at home, taking orders from my friends and family, sew it my self without employee.
As time goes by, my business become quite bigger, and now I can hire 6 employees to help me.

Our brand, BigIdea by Dewi Nurshanti, is a small business, that have mission to empower women around us, so that they can fulfill their needs.
Also, we always try to involve Indonesia Craft-man's Works , such as Batik, Tenun and Manual Embroidery in order to introduce Indonesian Heritage worldwide.

Kendala yang kami hadapi adalah teknik pemasaran yang mumpuni dan manajemen pengelolaan perusahaan.
Kami bercita cita memperbesar skala produksi perusahaan karen




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